How It Happened

Heide is the genius behind the  upcoming family veggie cookbook, 4 Ways to Yummy.

She is the intrepid spirit who never gave up on the idea that families can enjoy cooking and eating delicious veggies while being educated through fun activities. Marianne and Are enthusiastically jumped on the veggie-cookbook bandwagon and became happy foodie contributors!

Heide Horeth 4 Ways to Yummy Cooking Children Kids Family
Heide Horeth

My childhood recollection of foods is simple and seasonal. Though my mother made wonderful Austrian dishes, it is the love, pleasure and lovely way with which she served everything that made it magical. Even eating a baked potato for lunch was special with her. My mother often let me help her in the kitchen, and I cherish those memories when we worked side by side talking and laughing. She passed her gifts on to me.


As a parent I know having my son help in the kitchen proved invaluable. As a toddler my son always helped to set our table and occasionally helped with the preparation. As a preschooler making tuna fish melts with him,  I remember him tasting it and saying, "it needs some lemon." Never underestimate our little ones; they are unstoppable! My son is now 18 and has a Pinterest account with recipes he collects and uses. To this day we always put a squeeze of lemon in our tuna fish.

Are House 4 Ways to Yummy Cooking Children Kids Family
Are West House

I was raised in a large family where preparation, cooking and serving of food was a ritual of love.

I enjoyed food, but my passion for it came late in life.


Today, thanks to many of my friends, especially Marianne and Heide, I have become a passionate “foodie”, but it has to be fresh, nutritious and above all yummy.


I believe this cookbook will bring you a new way of looking at, preparing and serving the amazing veggies we have carefully chosen. We feel sure you, your family, and especially the kids will love the recipes and pass them on to their families as a wonderful heritage of eating joy!



Marianne Borozny 4 Ways to Yummy Cooking Children Kids Family
Marianne Borozny

I grew up in a huge family where my dad was the main cook. Along with Polish-Ukrainian foods, we ate lots of wonderful Italian dishes like chicken cacciatore, veal scallopini, and lasagna. This is where I learned my love for food which inspired me to study nutrition in college. 


My husband and I are foodies, and we've cultivated a 19-year-old gourmand as well; she has become quite expensive to maintain.  Our kitchen is well-stocked with exotic spices, and we keep a steady veggie supply.


Although I do really like to cook, I remember feeling overwhelmed with working, taking care of a child, keeping a home, and cooking dinner after a long day. I hope we reduce this stress for you.