Cooking kid adventures begin with the right tools. No worries! You most likely have plenty of tools in your kitchen right now. The tools and tips we share we've used as we cook up a storm providing you with fun ways to “family” cook. We loved creating, cooking, and eating every morsel. We hope you do too! We invite you to join us.

Getting Started

How to Start Cooking with Little Ones by Heide

When I was young everything seemed simpler and undoubtedly it was.  Our parents and neighbors collaborated to teach us manners and keep us safe. While our work was to play hard with anyone who was available and let our imaginations guide us.


But it is a different world and each generation makes adjustments until the new way becomes the normal. I tried hard to fight some of the things I did not agree with but it wasn’t always possible when you feel like you are all alone in the battle.  However eating well is still possible and not difficult. And oddly (and happily) much of the older wisdom (like bone broths and fermented foods) are returning. So let’s see how we can implement cooking and healthy food with our little ones.


First off they must be involved. From the time I was very young my mother would cook while giving me a helping task a long side her work. She made sure I washed my hands and then gave me a small cutting board and a project. Perhaps if I was able I would do some simple slicing but even a very young child can tear lettuce for a salad. Perhaps I would get a piece of dough that I could knead and shape into my own creation. Or maybe I was just taking turns mixing, filling or drying a dish. If my mother worked on the stove she would often pick me up to show me what was cooking and I marveled at her bubbling stews. We would taste soup together and I learned you could make adjustments to taste. Yes, cooking resulted in delicious creations and I wanted to do it!


So please let your little ones in on the process. First they help set the table, put a dish away but soon they can stir, spread, cut and create. And this involvement will lead to them feeling accomplishment, needed and part of the family. It will inspire more conversation and ideas as well as laughter and memories. Start young, start slow and enjoy this journey. And I hope that when your child is 18 as my son is, they will be able to cook you a meal. And a delicious one at that!  


If you need family friendly ideas and some recipes so little ones can follow along, stay tuned for our upcoming  4 Ways to Yummy Cookbook launch and our website.