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The first vegetable in our 4 Ways to Yummy logo is none other than the beet. Did you recognize it in a color other than red? I love this golden variety because they do not stain, which makes them a whole lot easier to work with. I also can’t resist the candy-striped varieties because they remind me of something you might find in the Land of Oz. To keep their color bright when cooking, add a splash of vinegar to the water. This type is especially mild and sweet and has a fun name Chioggia (pronounced kee-OH-gee-uh).

Sadly, this is not a vegetable I grew up with, but when I discovered it I was hooked. They are great cooked or raw, in dishes or on their own. In Australia they enjoy a sliced pickled beet on their beef patties. One of the neatest things about beets is you can eat the whole thing! Young leaves are great in salad or sauteed.

Try our smoothie if you are new to beets and notice their natural sweetness and beautiful color. Our Yummy Monkey Beet Smoothie is very adaptable to a variety of fruits and greens but remember to keep the Cow purple you will have to watch the ratio of green foods to red. Like with mixing paints on canvas, you can quickly get a muddy brown color. It’ll still be tasty but not purple.

Look for beets when you shop this month and have your children help you find them. Pick up a bunch and let us know what you made and how you liked them. Though we think Fresh is Best, we also understand the convenience and cost savings that buying canned or frozen can provide. My Yummy Monkey Beet Smoothie turns out just fine using canned beets.

Using kitchen tools is very appealing to young children, don’t forget to explore them. Graters are especially fun with this vegetable!



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