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Eat Carrots!

My favorite childhood vegetable memory when I was seven was pulling carrots out of my aunt’s big garden in Austria.

Nothing was more fun than seeing what kind of treat was hidden beneath the ground. Sometimes I pulled a weeney carrot, sometimes one with a forked root and sometimes a huge one! Back then people wiped the carrot off with their hands or pants or maybe washed them in a rain barrel, but they were the tastiest carrots I have ever eaten. I enjoyed eating them by whittling around the outside with my teeth until only the sweet yellow center remained. I wonder, do kids still do this?

Carrots are in so many ways perfect since they can be enjoyed fresh or cooked. Their nutrients are more available when cooked but either way, you eat them they are good for you. They pack so nicely in a lunch or picnic, and you can vary their shapes and textures with different tools.

I am funny about using peelers. I don’t like the way peels land on top of my hand, so often I use a knife to do the job. And with carrots, I find scraping their skins into the sink fast and easy when I want their bitter outside peeled. When cooking them, a good scrub seems to be enough, though they do look better when peeled or scraped.

Carrots are a handy fast snack and go well with dips and peanut butter. (Well, some people like it. They are indispensable in salads, soups, stuffing, and stews. They also help sweeten spaghetti sauces and balance the acid of the tomatoes without having to use white sugar.

Carrots are also an extraordinarily good source of Vitamin A, especially when raw.

We share with you this month’s recipe, Bunny’s Favorite Dip. Please share with us how you enjoy this beautiful and versatile vegetable!

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