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I was born and raised in New Jersey, the original home of the mouthwatering "abitz" or pizza (although Brooklynites will argue theirs is the best!).

When I was a teenager, the pizzerias were very different from today's franchises. For us it was a place to "hang out" with friends and get a "slice" or a whole pie, which, by the way, was encouraged by the owners! Imagine that!

The "pizza parlors" were most often owned by Italian families who emigrated from Italy and knew how to create a pizza that didn't taste like cardboard warmed in the oven.

I can almost taste the crisp, slightly burned crust, dripping ever so lightly with imported olive oil, fresh marinara sauce, pepperoni slices, and finally, all of it buried in a mound of melted handmade fresh mozzarella. Heaven!

The pizza dough, THE most important part of the pizza, was a handmade, softer dough with imported Italian flour, OO (which refers to how refined the flour is). When rolled out and baked, it becomes a thin (Neapolitan style) crisp crust.

So now that you know a little info about my love of a good New Jersey pizza, let's get to a new and healthy pizza crust which is equally delicious, reasonably priced, and an excellent source of vitamin C.

Think cauliflower! A different kind of pizza crust so simple to make, all you add is your personal favorite toppings and a pinch of Italian love and you have it! Find our recipe, "Collie Flower" Pizza Crust, right here.

If little ones or adults have an aversion to cauliflower, don't breathe a word about the ingredients until after it is served piping hot and they are happily munching away!

If your kids are big eaters double the recipe and graze your way to yumminess!

As always, we are happy to hear your ideas and comments about all our recipes. I hope you love this recipe as much as my picky New Jersey relatives do!

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