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Corn? Sweet or Field...

Corn, probably the "dark horse" of the vegetable kingdom, isn't like the ubiquitous tomato which entire meals can be created around. Like our favorites, pizza, marinara sauce and tomato soup, to name a few (all coming soon in 4 Ways to Yummy Cookbook) are practically staples in the American diet.

Corn doesn't bring cheers when Mom says, "Guess what we are having for dinner?" Corn! Dead silence, maybe a groan or total disinterest!

But, summer and the mention of corn on the cob and we all go a little crazy thinking about ways to enjoy it. We boil it (add a little sugar, a teaspoon of lemon juice to the water to enhance the flavor), we roast it (toss them in an open fire), or we place it on the grill, husked (or not) watching it get a little blackened and ready to eat!

When I was growing up in New Jersey, there was a small truck farm called Cholowinskis. As a city transplant I was not familiar with the whole corn shucking thing.

One of my best friends was a farmer's kid, so when I visited her during harvest and wanted to share in the glorious corn feast, I had to "shuck to eat." During the shucking I was taught the difference between "sweet corn" and "field corn." Sweet corn is to eat, and field corn is to grind.

It's easy to see the difference; the sweet corn grows shorter and may be more spindly, and the field corn (also called dent) grows taller, has big, ugly kernels and doesn't taste very good.

It was a lesson I never forgot. I have often seen field corn passed as sweet to eat corn in grocers and passed it by for there is nothing better than sweet summer corn!

Ahh, delicious, mouth-watering corn, yellow or white, dripping with salted butter, kernels snapping in one's mouth as we savor the summer sweetness of the winter's "dark horse"! There are literally hundreds of ways to enjoy corn and not just on the cob. 4 Ways to Yummy has recipes that will excite and interest the entire family.

Marianne has created a savory and easy Warm Corn Salad for you to make with your family. This is an especially fun one for kids to participate in (shucking corn husks).

As you read through it and create it in your own kitchen let us know your thoughts and ideas. We love to hear from you!

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