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Green Beans and Beyond!

Growing up, I thought green beans came in one form...a can.

To say I loved them would be an outright lie. In fact I loathed them.

I grew up in era where much of the veggies I ate came either from a can or frozen.

Fresh was for holiday time, mostly Thanksgiving.

Green beans, when served in my home, were dumped into a pot of boiling water (not steamed lightly with butter or garlic) with a touch of salt, drained, plopped on a plate, right next to potatoes and whatever meat my mother was serving that night. That was it, no fuss or muss.

That was my relationship with green beans.

Later as a young wife, Betty Crocker told me they were really delicious mixed with a can of mushroom soup, green beans (still canned or frozen) topped with a can of crispy onion rings and baked until unrecognizable! I foisted this recipe upon my unsuspecting children, but they didn't buy into it.

Fortunately, now I know what real green beans look and taste like. Some aren't even green but a glorious streaked burgundy with seeds each of a different color!

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and instead of dragging out the old green bean casserole, we are offering a green bean recipe, Sandy Beach Noodles, that you and your children can make together. It’s easy, it has noodles (who doesn’t like noodles?), and it’s yummy!


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