Sweet Potatoes

4 Ways to Yummy Sweet Potatoes Scarlet Tuber Salad

For as long as I can remember I believed the brown skinned, orange fleshed potato was in fact a yam.

Nope, It is one of several sweet potatoes which emigrated from Central America to become part of the Thanksgiving staple sadly saturated with brown sugar and marshmallows baked in an oven until it is unrecognizable as well..anything.

In order to distinguish from other “white sweet potatoes,” producers chose the English form the African word Nyami and called them “yams!”

My first taste of sweet potatoes was as a teenager when I was a dinner guest in my boyfriend’s home guessed it, Thanksgiving.

The sweets were served the standard brown sugar marshmallows In addition, a large bowl with baked sweet potatoes were served.

I loved potatoes, any potato, so I popped one of those beauties on my plate added a bit of salt pepper and a smidge of butter and I was hooked.

We here at 4 Ways to Yummy have gotten a little behind on sharing our own recipes as we have been updating our website. This month you will find our Scarlet Tuber Salad a lovely addition to a summer barbecue or picnic.

Keep your eyes peeled as we roll out more changes to our website. And most of all, savor summer!


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