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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

4 Ways to Yummy Display The Market Anacortes

A lot has happened since our last blog post. Heide has become a contributor to Grandparents Day Magazine, volunteers with the Coupeville Farm to School program, and has received glowing reviews and endorsements for her cookbook!

Today, December 6, Heide will be at The Market in Anacortes signing her cookbook from 1-3 pm. As you can see in the photo, they provided her with a lovely display.

Most of 4 Ways to Yummy's activity has been taking place behind the scenes and on our Facebook page. However, you can look forward to an updated blog early next year.

Below you can read the latest reviews for 4 Ways to Yummy Cookbook. Heide sells the cookbook through the website, Amazon, The Market, The Goose, and other venues.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

From Ocean Robbins, Co-founder of Food Revolution Network, and author of 31-Day Food Revolution:

We all know that vegetables are healthy. And most parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles want to help the youngsters in their lives to eat more of them. But that’s been easier said than done - until now! In 4 Ways To Yummy, Heide Horeth shows how delightfully fun eating veggies can be. You’ll find recipes and ideas that bring the family together around healthy food - and that help youngsters to develop a lifelong of foods that will love them back.”

From Grandparents Day Magazine:

It's not often we promote a self-published edition but we thought this one so good we had to share it. Anyone who has ever had to feed fussy children will know that any way to encourage better eating habits is to be applauded. This one's nicely conceived, simple to use and beautifully produced. But we'll let the author tell you about it.”

From Partha Nandi, MD of Ask Dr. Nandi:

The power of great health is in our hands and in our forks! #HealthHeroes around the globe are changing their bodies and their minds by following a delicious plant based diet. My family and my community LOVE veggies and incorporate them in their lives every day. We have fallen in love with an amazing new cookbook, 4 Ways to Yummy. The author, Heide Horeth, incorporates strategies and activities into our daily routine to help the entire family, including our children “make friends” with vegetables. Ms. Horeth shows us how to work together exploring, shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterwards. Like me, you can bring your kids into the kitchen and discover how easy it is to add just one tasty vegetable to your plate at a time. This wonderful book shows you how. Giving our children these lifelong skills and habits may be their most important step towards vital health, and propel them in their journey in becoming #HealthHeroes.

A Note from Archana Mundhe of Ministry of Curry:

Hi Heide,

Thank you so much for sending the book along. Its beautifully done and love the spiral binding. Loved all the illustrations inside too. Thank you for sending it to me. We tried your corn fritters and they were delicious. Love how you explain more about all the cooking words like fritters, dollop and latin names for peas. My boys enjoyed reading your book a lot.

Great Job and Congratulations!!


From Michael Learned:

Four Ways To Yummy is just that! Yummy in every way. Delightful Illustrations by its author, Heide Linde Horeth, and simple recipes that make my mouth water. This book is such fun that I read it from cover to cover. And added treats, are the wonderful line drawings left empty; to be filled with crayons, colored pencils, or paints by young chefs in the making. A delicious gift for Christmas. Yum Yum!

From Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen:

4 Ways to Yummy is a beautifully illustrated children’s cookbook that is sure to inspire a future generation of good cooks that know how to prepare food in enjoyable and tasty ways. Full of easy to follow recipes including such tempting choices as Cracklin’ Corn Fritter to Sweet Potato Happy Cakes. One of the best things you can do to support your children’s health for their entire life is to get them into the kitchen. 4 Ways to Yummy, Children’s Vegetable Cookbook is the perfect kitchen companion for kids of all ages.

From Jere Gettle, Founder and Owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

4 Ways to Yummy is one of the best children's cookbooks we have seen. The fact that it focuses solely on vegetables makes it even better. We know that most children today do not eat enough vegetables. In many cases, they don't even know where veggies come from. This book is simple, informative, colorful and entertaining. Each recipe is easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and includes fun illustrations. While the focus is on recipes, the book also includes shopping tips and storage information about the featured vegetables. All the presented vegetables are common garden fare that can be easily grown in the home garden or readily found in the supermarket produce section. 4 Ways to Yummy should be in every home kitchen of families with children.

A Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite:

Teaching young children to eat healthily is an ongoing experiment and for many parents, it’s an uphill battle. But it doesn’t need to be a challenge. Heide Linde Horeth, in her recent gem of a book, 4 Ways to Yummy Children’s Vegetable Cookbook: Garden-to-Table Veggie Love, provides helpful suggestions to make this ongoing learning experience not only healthy but an adventure, pure and simple. As the author writes in her introduction, this is one way for eaters, young and old, “to reconnect you to the healthful world of 'rainbowlicious' vegetables.” There are many things that affect a person’s interest in the vegetable food group; taste is only one of these things. What a vegetable looks like, smells like, feels like influences all of us. Texture is definitely a key point to consider, something many of us overlook, but texture does influence our opinions of what we like and don’t like to eat. Heide manipulates these senses and creates a whole new way to approach introducing vegetables into a young person’s diet without a battle. The author introduces many different vegetables and encourages the reader to study this vegetable with their young children, to learn to appreciate the vegetable’s valuable benefits. The book is well laid out with illustrations and charts to encourage the reader to consider all options with various vegetables. The author also points out the importance of including the young eater in this study, so the young person can appreciate everything that each vegetable has to offer, not just in nutrients, but also in taste, texture, smell and so much more. A valuable tool for young mothers who seriously want their children to eat healthily.

A Review from the Sahuarita Sun in Arizona:

“4 Ways to Yummy:

Children's Vegetable Cookbook”

By Heide L. Horeth

March Forth Publishing

165 pages

A healthful world of “rainbowlicious” vegetable recipes — and much more to bring family members of all ages together — are tucked into this illustrated, easy-to-read cookbook by Heidi L. Horeth. Bonus points as well for its sturdy, colorful covers and spiral binding that allows the pages to lay open flat to each tasty recipe you decide to make.

After working for a decade for a nurse and nutritionist at a large, progressive preschool, Heide Horeth saw a need for a healthful cookbook geared for parents and grandparents to introduce their little ones to nutritious, tasty veggies. She includes tips on shopping with youngsters, letting them handle and get to know different vegetables, and how to wash and prepare them.

From cabbage to carrots to cauliflower and corn — plus green beans, peas, tomatoes, zucchini and more — this cookbook offers 12 veggie categories, each with creative recipes, storage tips, ways to enjoy each veggie, the kitchen tools you'll want on hand, complementary spices and oils, and fun facts on each vegetable.

Explore a world of healthy ways to enjoy veggies in smoothies, baked goods, burgers and hash, as well as more traditional slaws, soups and salads. I'm looking forward to making the Cauliflower Pilaf, Greek Green Beans, and Sweet Tattle Oven Fries. There's also a delicious Tomato Strawberry Salsa, and a Butternut Squash and Black Bean Quesadilla ...

Karen Walenga

From Ronnie Fein of The Modern Kosher Kitchen:

I'm late in starting, but finally getting to my Hanukkah shopping list. As I was doing research I realized that a long time ago I should have recommended a terrific children's cookbook: 4 Ways to Yummy, Children's Vegetable Cookbook, by Heide Horeth. It's spiral bound and has loads of easy, child-friendly recipes such as Korean Pancakes (that include squash, carrots, bell peppers and potatoes); Kale-Pineapple-Banana Lassi and Cauliflower Pilaf (with raisins and almonds). Chapters begin with extra information ("ways to enjoy corn" and which tools you'll need for the recipes). There are loads of lovely drawings (including how to de-stem a strawberry).

I LOVE this book.

The book is available on Amazon ($22.95). Ms. Horeth also sells copies on her blog.

I highly recommend this book for kids.

Check out Ms. Horeth's blog (she writes along with others), 4 Ways to Yummy, (, which is a delightful place, filled with --yes, yummy -- recipes and a comfy place that encourages kids to cook and eat vegetables.

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