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The Benefits of Celery and How to Make Your Kids Love It

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Benefits of Celery 4 Ways to Yummy

There is no question that children need to be eating more greens. A Medium article on the importance of greens details the numerous health benefits to a green-heavy diet, such as the decreased risk of obesity, heart disease, and mental decline. Fortunately for us parents, there are a lot of yummy greens that we can introduce to our children —and celery is one of the best.

Celery is jam-packed with health benefits, and notably, it is most helpful for our cells. Parsley Health details how celery contains compounds that are beneficial for cells, such as ferulic acid, tannin, and luteolin. These compounds give celery antioxidant properties that help keep cells healthy. The compound luteolin, in particular, is crucial for growing children, as it aids in neurogenesis or the process of neuron generation. As such, luteolin helps create the

pathways that transmit information throughout the body, allowing us to see, feel, taste, hear, and smell. Encouraging our kids to eat celery, therefore, is one way to ensure their healthy neurogenesis.

There's more. A StyleCraze listicle of celery’s benefits notes that celery contains vitamins A, C, and E, and is a good source of fiber as well. All these nutrients are keys to good health but are particularly crucial when it comes to a kid’s development. Vitamin A, for instance, can help ensure good eyesight, as well as the normal formation of our children’s heart, lungs, and kidneys. Vitamin C, on the other hand, improves the immune system. Vitamin E, like the aforementioned compounds, is also good for cell development, while fiber ensures healthy digestion.

Get the kids to eat it

A guide on how to get kids eating fruits and vegetables by Healthy Children emphasizes that we, as parents, need to set an example towards healthy eating. That means encouraging them to eat a variety of foods, but not actually forcing them to eat a particular type.

One of the main things you can do is explain to your kids the benefits of a wide range of foods, including vegetables like celery. Then prepare a variety of yummy meals that incorporate the foods you want your children to enjoy as well. In this regard, you can find inspiration in our recipes, and you'll discover even more of them when you buy our 4 Ways to Yummy Children’s Vegetable Cookbook. This cookbook has 52 veggie-based recipes that you can prepare for the entire family.

Having said that, your goal should not actually be getting your kids to eat certain types of food. Instead, you should focus more on guiding them so that they'll be able to make healthy food choices as they grow up. Educating them is the first positive step. Another is getting your kids to

help you out in the kitchen, where they can have a better appreciation of all the kinds of food they can try out. Not to mention, letting your kids help out in food preparation is an opportunity for you to ask them what they want to eat or how they want their food prepared. This will give you

insight as to how you can make meals that your children will love and enjoy.

Finally, just give your kids time. If you inspire them well enough, they'll eventually start making healthier food choices. Who knows, they might even grow fond of celery.


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