Tomatoes 2

Pan con Tomate

Shared by Jennie and Eric Brooks


What You Need:

1-2 tomatoes (freshest are best, so summer really is the season - but we did the best we could)

Olive oil to taste (good quality, extra virgin is most authentic and tasty!)

Sea salt for sprinkling

Baguette, cut into thin slices and lightly toasted


What You Do:

1. For the “tomate:” You may process this one of two ways, though most Spaniards my daughter asked prefer the grated version:

  • Using a box grater, simply grate the tomato - with peel - into a bowl. It will turn to mush, and that is exactly what you want!

  • If you prefer to remove peel, blanch tomatoes in hot water for a couple (2-3) minutes. Then place immediately into a bowl of ice water. Peel off skins, then toss tomatoes into a blender or food processor.

2. Toast the baguette slices.

3. Make the toasts as you eat them (they will get soggy if made in advance):

  • Poke the toast a couple of times with a fork. This will help it soak up more oil!

  • Brush generous amounts of olive oil on the toast.

  • Spoon the tomato spread onto the toast - enough to cover it without falling off the toast.

  • Sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt.

4. Enjoy!

4 Ways to Yummy Tomatoes Pan con Tomate